What Is Crowdminding?

You’ve heard of crowdfunding. Crowdminding takes the public participation elements of crowdfunding and removes the pressure of contributing funds. Using collective intelligence to develop products and ideas is not a new idea. It’s something that the world of software and science has relied on for generations. Today though, THE Y CODE becomes the first skincare and wellbeing company to open key decisions at the start-up phase to this form of consensus. We believe that what we see in the mirror and how we feel inside is intrinsically linked. And that there is a much more important, honest conversation that must take place between men before we all make the decision to seek positive change.

Through our crowdminding approach, THE Y CODE invites a very large group of men to participate in a collective understanding of mankind and the formation of a product created for and by a diverse, global team of men. This group is called The-Y-Council. Within the group, we will transparently share our beliefs, our opinions, our experience and openly discuss current limits to wellbeing. None of the participants will be asked to fund the project (development budget is already secured). However, they will all be given unique access to the process, meet incredible (and well-known) experts in the journey and be rewarded at the end with the product itself of course plus a money-can’t-buy gift from our founder.

We have a team of cosmetic scientists, packaging experts, logistics co-ordinators, marketing advisors and creative designers standing by. Unlike crowdsourcing, the men on The-Y-Council will not have to take on these tasks. It’s the power of thought that we are calling upon to make a change. All via our own private, online, community space. A collective journey under the surface of men, in an evolving world.

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