“78%* of men we surveyed have suffered from social anxiety”

November 2022 informal survey conducted by The Y Code with 569 respondents interested in male emotional wellbeing. Across all United States regions and +/- 4.192 margin of error. Age: 18 to 65 with basic census age balancing for accurate results.


Our community is launching THE Y CODE skincare range in late 2023. There are decisions to be made, collectively. The first and only rule is that our products must be based on science, on data and on the truths of men. This is our platform to forge something we all need, for the right reason. We’ve received investment and the process has started, so join right now. Be part of a project that encourages men to unmask. There is so much more to us than what we see in the mirror. So much more to wellbeing, than this first step.

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Freddie Sheridan, was fortunate enough to have been born into the beauty industry. His role in his family business, Sheridan&Co, has led to the agency directly supporting many of the beauty industry’s fastest-growing brands.

Now, he aims to leave his mark on the industry by aligning his background with a strong motivation for supporting men’s emotional wellbeing by launching THE Y CODE.

THE Y CODE is all about inspiring confidence. Founded on the belief that if you want to see breakthroughs in personal development, you have to focus on your whole self - your emotional wellbeing, your appearance and your physical health.

By focusing on these key pillars, THE Y CODE seeks to deliver on its aim to give men the tools, they need to improve their confidence and become the best version of themselves.


In 2023 we opened the doors to applications. We will accept 100 good men who are willing to share their true self in an online community. Those men will shape the skincare product and our growing community.

Meet these men through our social media and sign-up for updates and a chance to join us.

Each member will receive a world exclusive product and unique reward. Join the waiting list for the next spot and updates on our progress.